Smart Healthcare: A Dynamic Blockchain-Based Trust Management Model Using Subarray Algorithm


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A growing kind of communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), links all network-capable devices worldwide. The most recent phase of the Internet of Things (IoT), known as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), is one that is rapidly catching researchers' interest. The centralized storage system houses the substantial amount of medical data created by IoMT. However, centralizing sensitive patient data creates a single point of failure and raises privacy and security issues. To assure honesty, reliability, and safety while determining an entity's trustworthiness, trust information is required to be safely transmitted and preserved. We propose a safe trust management solution based on blockchain technology. The proposed solution gathers node trust data using both time- and event-driven methods that are used to compute the trust of a node based on the threshold value. We also confirm the validity of data by varying the threshold value during transmission and authentication and employing a membership mechanism for authentication. The trust scores for each node are securely stored in an array, and the Maximum subarray (Kadane) Algorithm is used to compute the threshold value. The blockchain network receives and stores the IoMT score in the trusted list. Due to its distributed structure, capacity to maintain safeguards, and resiliency against a variety of threats with low overhead. Our approach is viable, deployable, and appropriate and also includes safety features like tamper-proofing, attack resistance, dependability, and low capabilities for IoT in smart hospitals.
IoMT security,blockchain,smart hospital,trust management,medical sensors,5G,temper proof,Kadane algorithm
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