Modelling Effective Thermal Conductivity in Polymer Composites: A Simple Cubic Structure Approach

Lu He,Zhengli Dou, Yongzheng Zhang,Qiang Fu,Kai Wu

Composites Science and Technology(2024)

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In this study, we propose the simple cubic model, a distinctive thermal-conductive mathematics for modelling the effective thermal conductivity in polymer composites, taking both filler size and interface thermal resistance into account. This model is constructed by delineating heat transport paths within simple cubic structural units, leveraging principles involving Fourier's law, minimum thermal resistance, specific equivalent thermal conductivity, and thermal resistance network. Demonstrating broad applicability, the simple cubic model accurately predicts effective thermal conductivity within a 0-40% volume fraction range of filler in polymer composites, maintaining less than 15% error. Its robustness is validated across over 100 experimental datasets, encompassing various polymer matrices and granular filler types. This extensive validation underscores the model's efficacy, both with our experimental data and existing literature. The simple cubic model's insightful predictions make it valuable in designing and preparing thermally conductive polymer composites.
Thermal conductivity,Polymer composites,Thermal conduction model
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