StylizedGS: Controllable Stylization for 3D Gaussian Splatting


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With the rapid development of XR, 3D generation and editing are becoming more and more important, among which, stylization is an important tool of 3D appearance editing. It can achieve consistent 3D artistic stylization given a single reference style image and thus is a user-friendly editing way. However, recent NeRF-based 3D stylization methods face efficiency issues that affect the actual user experience and the implicit nature limits its ability to transfer the geometric pattern styles. Additionally, the ability for artists to exert flexible control over stylized scenes is considered highly desirable, fostering an environment conducive to creative exploration. In this paper, we introduce StylizedGS, a 3D neural style transfer framework with adaptable control over perceptual factors based on 3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS) representation. The 3DGS brings the benefits of high efficiency. We propose a GS filter to eliminate floaters in the reconstruction which affects the stylization effects before stylization. Then the nearest neighbor-based style loss is introduced to achieve stylization by fine-tuning the geometry and color parameters of 3DGS, while a depth preservation loss with other regularizations is proposed to prevent the tampering of geometry content. Moreover, facilitated by specially designed losses, StylizedGS enables users to control color, stylized scale and regions during the stylization to possess customized capabilities. Our method can attain high-quality stylization results characterized by faithful brushstrokes and geometric consistency with flexible controls. Extensive experiments across various scenes and styles demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of our method concerning both stylization quality and inference FPS.
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