An Anonymous Authenticated Group Key Agreement Scheme for Transfer Learning Edge Services Systems

ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks(2024)

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The visual information processing technology based on deep learning can play many important yet assistant roles for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) navigation in complex environments. Traditional centralized architectures usually rely on a cloud server to perform model inference tasks, which can lead to long communication latency. Using transfer learning to unload deep neural networks to the edge-fog collaborative networks has become a new paradigm for dealing with the conflicts between computing resources and communication latency. However, ensuring the security of edge-fog collaborative networks entity remains challenging. For such, we propose an anonymous authentication and group key agreement scheme for the UAV-enabled edge-fog collaborative networks, consisting of the UAV authentication protocol and the collaborative networks authentication protocol. Utilizing the AVISPA assessment tool and security analysis, the security requirements and functional features of the proposed scheme are demonstrated. From the performance results of the proposed scheme, we show that it is superior to existing authentication schemes and promising.
Edge-fog collaborative networks,transfer learning,mutual authentication,group key agreement,UAV
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