ECW-EGNet: Exploring Cross-ModalWeighting and edge-guided decoder network for RGB-D salient object detection

Computer Science and Information Systems(2024)

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Existing RGB-D salient object detection (SOD) techniques concentrate on combining data from multiple modalities (e.g., depth and RGB) and extracting multi-scale data for improved saliency reasoning. However, they frequently per form poorly as a factor of the drawbacks of low-quality depth maps and the lack of correlation between the extracted multi-scale data. In this paper, we propose a Exploring Cross-ModalWeighting and Edge-Guided Decoder Network (ECW-EGNet) for RGB-D SOD, which includes three prominent components. Firstly, we deploy a Cross-Modality Weighting Fusion (CMWF) module that utilizes Channel-Spatial Attention Feature Enhancement (CSAE) mechanism and Depth-Quality Assessment (DQA) mechanism to achieve the cross-modal feature interaction. The former parallels channel attention and spatial attention enhances the features of extracted RGB streams and depth streams while the latter assesses the depth-quality reduces the detrimental influence of the low-quality depth maps during the cross-modal fusion. Then, in order to effectively integrate multi-scale features for high-level and produce salient objects with precise locations, we construct a Bi-directional Scale-Correlation Convolution (BSCC) module in a bi-directional structure. Finally, we construct an Edge-Guided (EG) decoder that uses the edge detection operator to obtain edge masks to guide the enhancement of salient map edge details. The comprehensive experiments on five benchmark RGB-D SOD datasets demonstrate that the proposed ECW-EGNet outperforms 21 state-of-the-art (SOTA) saliency detectors in four widely used evaluation metrics.
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