I am a member of the Speech and Dialog Research group (SDRG) and the Adaptive Systems and Interaction group (ASI) at MSR Redmond. My general research interests lie in the theory of decision-making under uncertainty and its applications. In June 2013, I graduated with a Ph.D. from the CSE Department of the University of Washington, where I had been advised by Dan Weld and Mausam. My thesis focused on mathematical models and scalable domain-independent algorithms for planning under uncertainty but I dabbled in other areas as well, including information retrieval, robotics, and probabilistic first-order logic. Before the Ph.D. adventure, I worked for 2 years at Microsoft's Desktop Search group, and yet before that was busy getting a double B.A. in computer science and applied mathematics at UC Berkeley. While there, I also participated in research on BLOG with Brian Milch and Stuart Russell. Going back to prehistoric times, I finished secondary school #1234 (this is the school's actual number) in Moscow, Russia.