I'm currently an AI resident in the Brain team.

I joined the residency program right after my college. In my college years, I was fascinated by the magic of machine perception systems, especially the learning-based vision system. Consequently, I participated Image-Net Challenge 2016, where I luckily made the grade with the amazing CUHK team. We won 3 champions and 1 third-place in that competition. Besides, I also explored accelerating Neural Architecture Search by performance prediction. Then, working with Prof. Alan Yuille at Johns Hopkins University, I managed to go further to investigate internal representations of CNNs and improved the efficiency of visual learning with few-shot learning methods. In parallel, I've been participating programming competitions like ACM-ICPC since my high school. Writing code is always a pleasure to me. So the coolest thing that I can imagine is programming an intelligent machine which can see this world like we do.