I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering in the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University. I received my Doctorate from the University of Washington where I was a Intel Science and Technology fellow. My dissertation entitled Semi-Supervised Training for Infrastructure Mediated Sensing: Disaggregated Hot and Cold Water Sensing With Minimal Calibration has garnered significant impact in the sustainability community and is the basis of the new product Belkin WeMo Water, which won the "Best of CES 2015" award for most forward thinking iOS related product. At UW, I was co-advised by Shwetak Patel and Les Atlas. I also have an MS in Image Processing from Oklahoma State University, where I was advised by Damon Chandler. During my graduate studies, I was fortunate to intern at a number of great labs including Intel Research in Seattle and Garmin Fitness. My work has been published in numerous conferences and journals disseminated through many different cross-disciplinary venues: ICIP, UbiComp, CHI, DEV, WCCI, PerCom, PETRA, SPIE, and Pervasive, garnering numerous best paper nominations. Please see my publication page and/or Google Scholar page for more details.