I grew up in North Western Italy, lived in several places until I moved to the UK a dozen years ago. I am an academic; most of my time is spent doing research. I work on large-scale information management, an area that sounds terribly boring until you discover that my job lets me fly drones and go to music festivals for free. I also teach awfully bright students at the University of Sheffield. I teach advanced Web Technologies, another topic that looks horribly boring until you discover it is about doing cool things with Twitter and Facebook. Some of my undergrads have won competitions and even presented their results to the Prime Minister. Some of them have become PhD students and now are academics or researchers themselves. Others after their PhDs have become CEOs/CTOs and Chief Officers of companies we have created together. That probably means that I am old, because only old people can boast about the great achievements that their children have in life. One of my recent passions is to work with simple circuit boards like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I have just started a personal blog where I describe some of the things I do. It is rather limited but I hope it will grow.