Shane Shixiang Gu (顾世翔) is a Research Scientist at Google Brain, where he does research in deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and probabilistic machine learning. Shane also volunteers as a Scientist at Creative Destruction Lab, one of the leading tech-startup incubators in Canada, and a visiting scholar at the University of Tokyo under Matsuo Yutaka. Shane's academic work received awards including Best Paper Award at CoRL 2019, Google Focused Research Award, Cambridge-Tübingen PhD Fellowship, and NSERC Scholarship, and was featured in Google Research Blogpost and MIT Technology Review.

Shane is a Japan-born Chinese Canadian, and he speaks, reads, and writes in three languages. Having lived in Japan, China, Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany, he goes under multiple names: Shane Gu, Shixiang Gu, 顾世翔, 顧世翔(ぐう せいしょう).