Kenneth N. Raymond is a founder of the field of bioinorganic chemistry with his research in biological iron transport, particularly siderophore mediated iron transport in microorganisms. He and his research group were the first to use kinetically inert metal-substituted complexes of siderophores to elucidate the cellular transport mechanisms of iron in microorganisms. One focus of Raymond's current research is what he has called stereognostic coordination chemistry -- that is, the three-dimensional recognition and binding of anisotropic ions such as UO22+He is also using coordination chemistry as the driving force in the rational design and preparation of symmetry-driven supramolecular assemblies. Kenneth N. Raymond was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1997 and was selected Basolo Medalist at Northwestern University also in 1997. Professor Raymond is a member of the editorial boards of many journals in the fields of inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. In addition to his academic appointment on the University of California campus, he is a Faculty Senior Scientist of the Chemical Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is the author of nine patents and over 280 research publications, in subjects related to bioinorganic chemistry and metal-ion-specific sequestering agents.