I am a researcher at CWI interested in the creation and use of Linked Open Data: linking heterogeneous and often cross-media collections, data modelling, and semantic search. One of my recent projects on linking media archives to political event data (PoliMedia) has been awarded the first prize in the LinkedUp Veni Challenge in 2013 and the Open Data prize at the LODLAM challenge in 2015. See also the two movies about the PoliMedia and Talk of Europe projects. I also work on usage analysis. In particular, I am interested in how semantics can be used for the analysis of query and click logs. See my work with Yahoo! and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for examples. I am co-organizer of the USEWOD workshop series about Usage Data of the Web of Data. Every year since 2011 we release the 'USEWOD dataset' of usage logs of several Linked Data servers, including DBPedia and Bioportal.