I am a Sri Lankan born Naturalised Zimbabwean. I lived my first 3 years in Sri Lanka, the next 6 years in Zambia (Kabwe and Lusaka) and the following 7 years in Zimbabwe (Mutare and Harare). I have since lived in the U.S. ( New Haven, Pasadena and Albany). I did my High Schooling at Saints in Harare and my undergraduate study at Yale. I entered Caltech for a PhD in theoretical physics, but have taken a diversion from those mathematical manipulations into the topic of learning/machine intelligence. I have a masters in Physics and a PhD in Electrical Engineering with minor in Physics from Caltech. I loved the weather in sunny Pasadena! I am currently Professor of Computer Science at RPI. I am theoryish but I like to see things validated in experiment or practice: I like the theoretical, the hypothetical and the real.