I'm a PhD on Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) currently working as a Research Fellow in Melbourne, Australia, in the Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne. My current research work is focusing on applications of approximate dynamic programming, automated planning and machine learning for hybrid control systems, both at the practical and formal level. A recent application I have recently published about (see publications) deals with a challenging task for UAVs - tactical intercepts - where the robotic platforms are subject to rich and meaningful dynamic and static constraints.

As an undergraduate I developed from scratch a Music Recommender based on "content": which means that I tried to relate "measurable" characteristics in musical audio signals with how often particular individuals listen to a given track.

As a graduate student, under the supervision of Prof. Hector Geffner, I have pursued a variety of lines of research in the AI fields of Heuristic Search, Constraint Optimization and Graphical Models Processing, Classical Planning, Reinforcement Learning and Plan Recognition. I am also very interested in seeing all those theorems and algorithms in motion and one of my projects - developed jointly with fellow graduate student Nir Lipovetzky - got a jury prize in the 2008 International Planning Competition.