I am passionate about transforming the Web from a networked of documents to a network of knowledge, enabling problem solving, improving society at large, business and science. As a trained and highly cited computer scientist my interest is in science with practical impact. As a director of a research institute I aim at hiring people smarter than me and helping them to achieve their aspirations. Although my educational background is formal logic and AI, I believe in putting people first - as users of technology as well as colleagues. I aim at inspiring people by developing visions which allows a group to collaborate and to achieve more than any individual could. I have a talent to recognise and initiate technology directions early and to ask the scientific questions necessary to advance a field. We are moving towards a singularity in the history of human kind: globally interconnected, integrated, and accessible machine readable knowledge, vastly improving human problem solving capabilities in business, science and society. Inspired by Vannevar Bush and his ideas of the Memex, made concrete by Doug Engelbart when he described how to augment the Human Intellect in 1962, enabled by the Internet and the Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee, finally now all building blocks are in place and are coming together. It provides the means to combine and access the wworld'sknowledge at a moment when the world is experiencing challenges which require all our combined knowledge and ingenuity. Enabling and exploiting this singularity, which we call Networked Knowledge, for the benefit of humankind is the goal of my work. NetworkedKnowledge Linked Data and the Semantic Web is the foundation for Networked Knowledge - the raw material. Linked Data and RDF provide the two basic principles to create a global data network: these are the ability to globally identify entities and the ability to create relationships between these entities. We see Linked Data now growing and co-evolving world-wide in many different parts of society. Now network effects following Metcalfe's law based on the additional value created by interlinking data are accelerating the growth, initially within specific domains, but more and more across domains, reflecting that knowledge is inherently connected and shouldn't be limited by artificial boundaries.