I am currently a graduate student at UW Madison, working with Professor Karu Sankaralingam in the Vertical Research Group. My broad research interests are in hardware/software co-design, and architectural modeling and applications of mathematical optimization. My thesis work tries to illuminate some of the trade-offs of programmability and generality in this current era of hardware specialization, and tries to find some ways to get the benefits of both. I go into more detail on my current work on my Research page. Announcement: I will be joining UCLA as an assistant professor in January 2017. Please stay tuned for updates. (My new webpage is here) Before I came to UW Madison, I was doing my undergrad its rival: the University of Minnesota. I earned Computer Science and Computer Engineering degrees, and also worked at the Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering (LCSE), who are basically a bunch of physics geniuses working on fluid dynamics simulations. I worked on the software which controlled the volume rendering servers, the user facing code for exploring the 3D simulation data, as well as the movie-generation software, which interpolates user-generated 3D paths in the data. You can see the fruits of my labor here -- many of these (tp1, c52, c31, ps2, ms1, xs4) were datasets that I generated the coloring and movie paths for. My "artistry" was also featured in Discover.