Yehuda Koren is a staff research scientist at Google. Prior to this, he was a senior research scientist at Yahoo! Research and a principal staff member of AT&T Labs-Research. He received the PhD degree in computer science from The Weizmann Institute. His main research interests are recommender systems, data mining, machine learning, and information visualization. He led the team that won the two progress awards in the Netflix Prize competition, and was part of the team which won the Netflix Grand Prize. Dr. Koren has more than 50 research publications and several patents to his credit. He was awarded the best paper awards at INFOVIS 2005, KDD 2009, and RecSys 2011.He is serving as a senior program committee member at conferences like KDD, ICDM, RecSys, WSDM, and CIKM, and on the editorial board of IEEE TKDE and ACM TIST.