I am a fourth year PhD student at UW with Sham Kakade and Emo Todorov. I also collaborate with Sergey Levine, and work part-time at Google Brain as a student researcher. I am interested in the mathematical foundations and applications of machine learning. My current research leverages learning and optimization to endow robots with a vast repertoire of skills. To this end, I draw upon deep reinforcement learning, model-based control, and meta-learning.

I have interned at Google Brain Robotics with Vikash Kumar and Igor Mordatch; at NVidia Robotics with Dieter Fox and Byron Boots; and at OpenAI with John Schulman and Igor Mordatch. Previously, I was an undergraduate student at IIT Madras, where I worked with Balaraman Ravindran. Before switching focus to AI, I worked on statistical physics of complex networks, and recieved the best undergraduate thesis award from IIT Madras.