Dr. Benny Ping Lai Lo received his BASc in Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Canada, MSc with distinction in Electronic Engineering - Computer Vision from King's College London (thesis...), and PhD in Computing from Imperial College London (thesis...). He is currently working as a Research Fellow and leading the Pervasive Computing group in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. He also acts as the Programmer Manager of the newly funded EPSRC Programme grant, ESPRIT, and serves as a member of the management committee of the Centre for Pervasive Sensing . The Pervasive Computing group is a one of the sub-groups of the Visual Information Processing group which focuses mainly on developing pervasive computing algorithms and technologies for healthcare, sports and well-being applications. It has led and involved in a number of large scale EPSRC, TSB and EC funded projects, such as ESPRIT, Sports-BSN, Biosensornet, SAPHE, WASP, and CAPSIL. The objectives of the projects are to address the general issues related to using wearable, implantable and vision sensors in pervasive healthcare, well-being and sports applications.